Thursday, April 30, 2009

Melba and the Bird Seed

It all started when we came home from work two nights ago. There was bird seed. Everywhere. There were two girl whippets looking at us with innocent, 'we didn't do it' eyes. The following is what happened through Melba's eyes. 99.9% of what you read in this story is true. You decide what's not.....

Just another day at home. We sit here and sleep and wait. Twix barks at Buster as Buster itches his butt on the furniture. Bella and I sleep for the most part. Just a normal day. We sit on the bunch under the window and watch the cows and those damn golf course crows! How I despise them. We hop down after a good bark session at the crows and Bella spots something, something wonderful. It is the shiny, translucent, slightly smelly, noise making, Tupperware box of bird seed.

Oh, it can't be! Bella has gotten it open!! Oh sweet joy! Maybe if I just have a taste....

Oh this is so good... **crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch**

I better go eat it over here though so no one knows it was me... *crunch*

Why isn't Bella eating any? *crunch* This is her most favorite thing! *crunch, crunch* How can she pass this wonderful opportunity up!? *drool*

Well it's not my problem if she doesn't want to join in. The more for me!

What's that noise? **crunch, crunch, crunch**

Uh Oh, I think they are home!!! *** Increase speed of Crunch,crunch,crunch,crunch***

I will just go sit on the couch. They will never know it was me. Bella why are you laughing at me? What's so funny? I can't believe that you didn't have any, same goes for the boys for that matter! Dang that was good.

Oh yay!!! They ARE home! **Jump, Jump, Whine, Whine, WooHoo!!**

I'm still hungry. I know that they should be giving us dinner right now. Why are they bringing out the loud purple screeching sucker thing?! Hey humans! There are hungry whippets in this house!!!!

Fine, I will just go outside and wait.

Thank God! The kid knows we are hungry! She is making dinner!

Man this new dinner is good. Chicken parts, veggies and other bits... yummmmmmmm...

Uh oh...

Hey guys, Mom, um, I kinda, well, don't, oy, feel, too good... Maybe if I stretch that will help. Oh no, I can't hardly stretch...Maybe if I go for a walk around the yard... Oh, that's not going to work... What's wrong with me? I really don't feel good you guys... Bella, it isn't funny! Stop snickering at me or I am going to tell Mom what you did!

Where is Mom?

Oh there she is... Hey Mom, Bella opened the bird seed and told me to eat some... No I wouldn't jump off a bridge if all my friends where doing it. What does that have to do with Bella!?... Anyways, she opened it and told me to try some, so I did cause she Double Dog Dared me, and you know you have to do it if it is a Double Dog Dare!...No I am not lying! She told me to!... Hey Mom, I really don't feel good... I know my tummy is huge... I think it might explode... Oh that feels better when you rub my tummy, it kind of stops hurting... Uh Oh, Mom, I think, um, I think, oh boy, I'm gonna gack.... **** BLECK ****

Dang, that feels a little better. How bout a good stretch... Hummm still can't stretch... Alright... I'm going outside then... Hey guys, I'm having a hard time here... walking isn't as easy as it was a little while ago... What's going on?... Why are the humans following me around the yard? Why are they making me stay outside? I just want to go lay down inside...

Ummmm...Thank you for letting me inside humans... Here is the problem... I gotta gack again! ****BLECK,GACK,BLECK****

This is not good. I want to go to bed. Mom, make it stop... please...

***Here is where I will end Mel's portion of the story. Needless to say she was sick all night long. She is FINE now. She and I were up all night long while she threw up and I took her outside and cleaned up after her. I would like to say she has learned a lesson from all of this, but I am not that naive. She is still a dog, the best dog, but she would do it again in a heart beat if given the chance. In all, Melba ate two pounds of bird seed. It was ugly to say the least.

****Melba would like me to add a picture of Bella so everyone knows who made her do it!

~I think she is laughing a little, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Too funny! It totally looks like Bella's got a bit of a smirk going on. Glad to hear that Melba got the seed out of her system. Crunch, crunch crunch LOL!

Anonymous said...

Gracie says she is dang proud of you Melba! I sure wish I could join you in your munch-a-thon!

Sue and Gracie