Monday, December 24, 2007

Letter From A Friend

Dear Melba-

Thank you so very much for my new jammies. It's the best Christmas pressie ever! I have had them on ever since your human brought them to me, and I get very upset if anyone tries to take them off. They keep me very snuggly warm. At 13 years old you can imagine how important that is. Going outside, lounging around the house, and sleeping in bed have all been made much better with the gift of my new jammies.

The other morning my human took me out side with all the other whippies I live with. The little whipper snappers were running around while Toby and I were leisurely strolling about. Toby was over by the fence standing on three legs so I decided I better go check on him and see what he was doing. Next thing I know one of my humans scoops me up, runs me up the steps and starts hollering "Hon, hon come here." (I would sure like to know who "Hon" is. I live with my 2 humans and 4 other whippets, NONE of whom are named hon last time I checked).

Anyway, my other human comes to the door and I hear the one that's holding me say "Monika needs to be cleaned up, she just walked through Toby's pee." What?!?! What is he talking about? I didn't walk through anyone's pee. He MUST mean that someone peed ON me. This man is silly. He must be loosing his mind. What whippet do you know would knowingly walk through pee? Sheesh.

Well my other human takes me inside and to the room at end of the hall. She then proceeds to remove my jammies. Oh my god! What is this crazy lady thinking? Why on earth is she doing this to me? Then she takes them and throws them into this big machine! I was very upset, and getting more so by the moment. I kept pacing around in circles in the room, and nudging her with my head but it didn't stop her.... She turned the machine on! I stood there in horror as my jammies started to go around and around in circles... I could see them in there. It was like a bad nightmare. They were getting wet, and getting some bubbly stuff on them and still going around and around in circles. The crazy lady that put them in there left the room. She must have known I was thinking about biting her for all this trauma she was causing me.

So there I was... just standing there all alone... watching, and praying my jammies would survive....

I walked down the hall a few times to try and get the crazy lady to come and give me my jammies back but she just kept telling me "They'll be done in a few minutes Monika." Back I went to the room with the machine, to watch my jammies........

After some time, I think it was about an hour, not a few "minutes" as she had said the crazy lady came back to the room. I stood there very excited as she opened the door on the machine. "Yiippeee... Yippeee... my jammies" I exclaimed.

But do you know what that crazy lady did next? She put them into ANOTHER machine!! I am convinced as of this time that she isn't even "crazy." Now I think she belongs in a mental hospital for sure. Can someone help me contact the men in the white coats?

Atleast in this other machine my jammies weren't getting wet anymore... they were just tumbling around and around. Again, there I stood, just watching in horror.

After another 20 minutes the insane human comes back down the hall. She kept telling me how "cute" I was. Cute?!?! My legs were killing me by this point with all the standing around, and she has the nerve to tell me how cute I am??? Again.. someone contact the men in the white coats.

Finally, FINALLY she takes them out of the other machine. I decided before she did something else with them I would jump on her to remind her I was standing right there, and that the jammies were MINE. (She needs to keep her hands off of them if you ask me.) Amazingly she put them back on me.... I think I had her shaking in her shoes by then, and she figured she better give them back before someone got hurt!

After all that I pranced back down the hall to my bed by the fireplace. I stayed there most of the evening, and kept clear of the lunatic lady. I'll have my eye on her from now on.

So thanks again Melba, I do love my jammies. I promise I'll keep a better hold on them so they don't go falling into the wrong hands again. =O)


Monday, December 17, 2007


So I have been wandering the house singing "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" for the last week. I like the Holidays for the most part. We never had the crazy family get together. Sure there was a little yelling from time to time but no major blowups during the holidays. My dogs think that I am crazy. Here is what they think about the Holiday.
"Why is she making those weird squeaky noises?"
"I think she is singing."
"Whatever it is I don't enjoy it."
"What is wrong with you guys?! Can't you see what she is doing?! This is her way of playing! It's great! Listen to the noises she makes, NO Squeaky can do that!"
"Well I guess it could be fun. Hey human, what are you doing now?"
(Putting up the tree)
"Look! She is taking neat shiny stuff out of that box!"
"Oooooooh. Hey lady, what is that stuff? Let me see. I just want to hold it."
"I got one!!!!! Woohoo!! Oh Crap! She's after me!"
"Nice try kid. You have to be a little more sneaky than that! Watch the pro. Hi there lady. What cha doing? Those are some pretty things you have there. What was that? Oh, yes I am a good helper aren't I? Let me just look in this box for another shiny thing for you. Oh I found one! Oh, you didn't want that one yet? Oh, ok. I will just take it over here for a second."
"Wow! How did you do that?!!"
"You just have to know how to work her."
"Whats that Smell?"
Unanimous.... "COOKIES!!!!!!"
The general noise of dogs rushing into the kitchen.
"Oh I was hoping that there would be cookies involved with this!"
"Me first!"
"No human! I didn't want biskies! I wanted cookies! People cookies! Can't you see that!"
"I will take what I can get! Thanks lady!"
"Oh Fine! I will take your biskies and go to my bed."
"The human is wierd you guys, ~crunch, crunch, crunch~ she just doesn't get us."
"I think she is alright. She did give us biskies. ~crunch, crunch~ Though I am not real sure why there is a tree in the house again. And I'm really not sure why she puts shiny things and my ribbons on it. I worry that she may be loosing it sometimes."
"She calls it Christmas. It happens every year. You guys always forget. I guess being the oldest I remember these things. Don't you remember? We get pressies and biskies and chewies and all sorts of good things. The humans open boxes covered in pretty papers and oooh and ahhh over the things in those boxes. They are all happier this time of year. She always says it isn't about the pressies though, it is about family."
"Oh, well I guess she isn't loosing it."
"I still think she is! Look at all of this!"
"Silly child. You will learn."
"It is about family and love and peace."
" Like she loves us and we are family and we are at peace with that?"
"Close enough child."
"I like this Christmas thing. It's nice"

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Wow A Blog!

Well, she did it. She got a blog. She tells me that it is for my musings. I don't know what that is but I will go with it. She is my person. She says that she is going to write a children's book about the things we do together. Sounds fun! I love kids! Food is always at my level with kids around.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Melba. I am a whippet with a lot to say. I enjoy showing and Lure Coursing and Racing. But above all else, I love my person.

We have a couple friends that will be blogging with us. Tyra and her family and of course her person. They too have a lot to say! Tyra is a feisty little red and white whippet that we all just love! Her family is pretty neat too.

From time to time we will be posting pictures of ourselves and friends. But mostly we will be telling our stories. We hope you enjoy our little piece of web space!