Monday, March 3, 2008

Photo Rama

She got a new Camera.
I love pictures.
She insists on taking pictures of me and the others at all times. Making squeaky voice sounds to get us to look at her. Telling us to 'look pretty' and then the 'Oh that was so cute!'. I am not the photogenic one in this house. Let me tell you what. Now Bitch Puppy knows how to look good for the camera. Me, not so much. She did take some good ones though. Let me show you.

Here is Twix. The resident boy whippet. Typical man laying this way.

This is me. Of course I am looking away.

Bitch Puppy, better known as Bella.

This is Audre. Isn't she pretty? She is Mom's puppy friend.

This is Tyra. Better known to some as Bean. She is Mom's buddy.

This is Monika. She is our friend that posted last about her Jammies. Isn't she pretty?

This is Buster. Better known as Honey Bunny around these parts. He is our resident blind, old, Jack Russell Terrier. Or should I say Parsons Russell Terrier.
Those are just some of the many, many pictures she has been taking. I hope you enjoyed them. :)