Sunday, May 23, 2010

The one in which I tell everyone what's been going on...

Yeah, there really has been a lot happening here in the DueWest house.

I have neglected telling everyone what has been going on with Melba for these past few months. Now that everyone who needs to know, knows, I feel that I can share with her blog friends.

On New Year's eve of this year Melba and I spent our evening in the emergency vet clinic. We were there for over four hours with a spinal injury.

When I got home on the afternoon of the 31st Mel came out to greet me at the car as she always does. I went to pet her face and she screamed the second I touched her. Something was wrong.

Not two hours later she was almost paralyzed.

We rushed her to the E.R. where I was asked if she could have been poisoned. Luckily the rest of the family was at home with her when the injury happened so I knew it wasn't poisoning. I let the vet know that there was no way that it could be something toxic and off to x-ray we went.

After many tears and much worry that I was going to loose my special girl, the vet came back out. Melba was put under anesthesia, x-rayed, poked and prodded. I was shown her x-rays and confirmed that it was indeed a spinal injury.

When we got home she could barely stand on her own, if at all. She cried all through the night in pain and confusion. I cried too. My gentle, sweet, amazingly wonderful girl, hurt. I could do nothing for her.

A few weeks were spent on crate rest and me holding her to potty. She would fall over if I didn't. Slowly she regained her strength. At times she is still 'off' when doing normal every day things. Her movement is still a little off and pottying can still be a small challenge. I am always here to help her when needed.

Melba has been diagnosed with Degenerative Stenosis. A spinal disease that will get worse as she ages. At 7 years old, she has a disease that will shorten her life span. At first I was devastated. Now we know that with regular anti-inflammatory treatment, massage and acupuncture she will lead a normal life. Yes, it most likely will shorten her life span, but, not by years.

My beautiful girl will live a happy and comfortable life. She will have ups and downs. It will not keep her spirit down. She is strong and has an amazing will about her. I have learned much from her in these last months. I can only hope to be half the being she is.

Please do not feel bad for her or me. I hope others that know her can learn from her as well. I will post about her condition as she progresses in hopes that others can be more informed about it.

Once again, she and I are learning something new together. We have been through a lot of 'firsts', she and I. I look forward to the next chapter of our lives together.

~A and Mel