Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goings On

Well once again (as always) I have been lazy and not posted a thing for over a month. Seriously, I am lazy when I get home from work. If I am not showing dogs, working or talking on the phone, I just sit here. I guess it is my way of getting away from the world. Maybe, just maybe, I should find something a little more productive. Like walking or something.

Eh, whatever.

So lots has happened in the last month. We had the American Whippet Club National Specialty show. It was a freakin BLAST! We had 4 adult women and FIVE dogs in one hotel room. Out of control you say?! Well only a little. We did manage pretty well and had some pretty fun times in between. We got lots in the ghetto trying to find a grocery store. That was an interesting experience. But what is life with out experiences?! They make us who we are.
There was a great welcome party that week with lots of drinking, dancing, singing and all that fun stuff. There was a costume contest for the dogs and people. The theme was Easter. I will post pictures of that later. They had a wonderful presentation by a very well know whippet person, Bo, that was very informational and like a history lesson too. I showed two dogs for Mary, she was a roommate for the week. The national was a good time. I can't wait until next year!

A little exciting news,
The Due West Whippet family welcomes a new half family member. Making our little crew of 3.5 jump to 3.5.5. Yes I know, that is two halves and that equals a whole, but the new member does not live here just like the other .5, the first 3 do live here. So she is still a .5. (I could run with that all day, but I will save you from that) The Due West crew would like to Welcome Brandi to the family! Brandi comes to stay on weekends sometimes for dog shows and we love having her here. A very sweet mostly white girl with patches of brindle on her head. We adore her and are so excited that her owner has allowed us to be a part of the Brandi adventure! Thank You Helen!!!!!!

Plenty going on out here, but no more time to write about it. I have to go be productive. I'm taking the girls out to lounge in the sun. Working on a tan is productive, right?

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