Thursday, February 5, 2009

Curse Of The Prowler, Part 2

Three hours a Box O' Wine and a couple dog potty trips later, the Prowler makes an entrance.

By now light is fading to dusk and everyone but us are comfy in their campers/motor homes. We get the Prowler parked, plugged in and emptied out. Crates get stacked, clothes are hung, food gets put away and drinks come out. We all make our respective beds. Take the whippets out and get them fed and watered and pottied. The hunger and exhaustion are taking their toll and we are a little pissy.

The BBQ has made it outside and charcoal has been thrown into the BBQ and doused with a hearty serving of lighter fluid. There is no way that it wont ignite. The familiar "Whoosh!" sound comes from the black bricks and the fire commences. There will be food soon.

Some friends come over from surrounding camps. They see we are cooking and have copious amounts of food and drink. They all come in and take a seat in the Prowler. Now we are more than a little cramped. Too many people in the Prowler.

My trailer mates and I decide to start cooking.

Take the burgers and chicken out of the freezer box and start the small amount of prep work needed to cook outdoors. Make sure we have enough chicken cooked up to supply 4 people with bait for the next day. Four or Five chicken breasts should do right?

What was that?
Felt like rain.
No, it couldn't be.
Someone help me set up the pop up just in case.
Oh no one is listening.
Try my self to put the thing up.
Rain, lots of rain.
Still struggling to get the pop up set up.
Everyone is inside the Prowler.
Everyone but me and my trailer mate who is cooking.
In the rain.
The pouring rain.

Finally I gave up with the stupid pop up that doesn't pop up its gets put together. Real easy to do in the dark when you and the canvas are soaking wet. Completely defeated and pissed I walk inside the Prowler and realize that I have no where to sit. There are too many people in the trailer. Food however is done. Thank all that is good in this world.

Another hour or so goes by and our guests start to head out for their camps. We take the dogs out for one last potty before bed. This day was finally coming to an end! The rain continues to fall. Hard. The dogs just want to go back inside. We oblige and take them back.

It's bed time. The three of us climb into our respective beds.
Then it starts.
The silence.
The strange noises.
The sound of pounding rain on a fiberglass roof.
The giggling.

This concludes Part Two of the Curse Of The Prowler. Stay tuned kids! I promise the next installment won't take a month!

Thanks Mar for getting my ass in gear! :)


"mar" the needy ;) said...

oh COME ON give me more!!!! What's the GIGGLING for?????????

impatient mary said...

... tap tap tap ... still waiting!!!

Anonymous said...

Staying tuned till the next installment!
PS - I tagged you. xoxo, Ribsy

ya me again said...

comeONwoman!!! GIMME MORE!!!!!

ya you know who! said...

*tap tap tap* is this thing on??? ~still~ waiting for pt 3