Monday, January 12, 2009

Curse of the Prowler

The Curse of the Prowler came to be on a sunny August afternoon back in 08'.

It started like any other summer day before a dog show. Packing the car with dogs, dog food, dog supplies, dog show clothes, you get the point. This time was a little different. We were going to stay on the grounds. No more commuting back and forth like normal! Oh no, we were staying there! This was going to be great! Three of us in a trailer that sleeps AT LEAST 5 people. Awesome! There is room for us and the dog crates.

And so it began.

We loaded up the Prowler. A lovely shade of late 70's oranges and browns and creams. You get the picture. Everyone cheery, knowing that it will be just perfect for the three day show. The Prowler is crammed to the gills with crates, bedding, clothes, food, BBQ, anything you could possibly need for three people and five or six dogs.

Hitch Prowler to Truck. Pull out of driveway. Or not....

This was the beginning of what was to be a very long day.

Prowler breaks don't seem to be budging. Hummm... well she hasn't moved in over a year. Maybe they are rusted and stuck.


Prowler breaks are NOT connected to Truck. Connect breaks to truck. Prowler moves!!!

Starting driving down the road to the show site. It is only about 20-30 minutes from where we are heading for the weekend of dog showing goodness.

5 miles down the road... Nice trucker dude pulls up next to the truck. "Ladies, you know your breaks are on fire right?"

WTF?!?!? Yup, breaks are now smoking. This is normally something that would have been noticed as soon as it started due to the smell alone. But not today. Not with a car full of whippets with horrid gas. The stench inside the truck was worse than the smoking breaks.

Pull the truck over. Call the owner of the Prowler and have them come get it and bring it to the show site. I will not sacrifice my 2 month old truck to the Prowler, though I know it demands a sacrificial lamb or something of equal or lesser value. But that can wait. I have dogs that need to potty and people waiting for us at the show site. So on we go, leaving the Prowler behind at the gas station down the road.

We roll up to the show site about 3 hours after we were supposed to arrive with my trailer roomies waiting in what we now call the 'homeless camp'. They have all started drinking, with out me. I take out the dogs let them potty and put them back in their respective 'boxes'. Drag the cooler out of the car. No bottle opener..... now what?

Ahhhh yes, the boxed wine! Convenient dog show beverage. Now mind you these Boxes O' Wine are small. Not the giant boxes you stuff in the fridge at home. These are holdable and portable, great for just such a day. Bring on the Box O' Wine!

As we all sit drinking out of little boxed wine and twist top beer, we begin to wonder, if the Prowler will ever make it here. After a couple more hours and more than one box of wine in the 'homeless camp' we got our answer...

To be continued....


When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

Can;t wait to hear more! And I saw your name tag for Atlanta - I'm intending to be there!

mmmmary said...

ok so get busy woman and finish this up!!!!

Whippeteer said...

That was hilarious. Sounds like one of my trips! So you're going to the National?