Monday, September 7, 2009

Dog Show News

Well there hasn't been much happening as of late. We had a show this weekend that was pretty darn good. Nothing too major to report but nice none the less.

On Saturday, I went up with my friend Jessica. I showed Brandi and Jess showed two of hers, Dash and Vega. Brandi took 3rd in her Open class of 6 (I think). I was more than happy with that placement. There were some nice girls in that class. Jess took 3rd in Open Dogs with Dash and 4th in Open Bitches with Vega. So it was a decent weekend. I can't complain when we are in the ribbons!

On Sunday I went up with Helen (Brandi's owner). She had Audre (baby girl turned 2 on Saturday!!!) and Olivia, I had Brandi. Audre won her Bred By class. I was super happy about that! Brandi was again 3rd in Open and Olivia went on to win Open Bitches, Winners Bitch and Best Opposite!!! Yay Olivia!!!!!!

After whippet judging I had the chance to show a really lovely Greyhound boy in the group. That was a blast! A big Thank You to his owners for giving me the opportunity to show him and to Barb for asking if I would like to give it a go! We got pulled in the group, though we didn't place it was an honor to just make the cut. There were some very nice dogs in the group. Some being in the top 10 in the country so it really was an honor to be pulled with a puppy boy.

It was a good weekend out at the shows!


Patience-please said...

Good for you! Getting pulled in the group was a big old dollup of icing on the cake, yes?


Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

Sounds like fun!!

PeachMelba said...

Getting pulled in the group was a wonderful thing! Always makes my heart jump a little. Ah the thrill of competition!

Just your average middle aged woman... said...

Wow! How fun that must have been. That will give your confidence a boost!

dog collars by 1st Choice said...

So glad it went well and showing (and getting pulled) a grey in the group most definitely had to be fun! Way to go baby!

Life With Dogs said...

Happy New Year! :)